Amino acid fermented soil improvement material grace I

”grace I” is an amino acid fermented soil improvement material produced by the action of photosynthetic bacteria and other microorganisms using high-quality organic materials.
This site explains how ”grace I” helps safe vegetables grow along with the mechanism of growing vegetables and the issues of modern farming.

1.How vegetables grow ?
2.Issues of modern fariming fertilizer and agrichemicals
3.Cultivation Safe vegetables with “grace I”
4.Benefits of using “grace I”
1.How vegetables grow ?

Vegetables absorbs nitrogen as nutrient from roots
As all you know, vegetables absorb nutrients from their roots, and the most important in these nutrients is nitrogen.
Nitrogen is absorbed from the roots of vegetables after the organic matter and fertilizer in the soil are decomposed into nitrate nitrogen by soil microorganisms.

Growth by converting nitrate nitrogen into plant cells
Vegetables use the energy of photosynthesis to convert nitrate nitrogen absorbed from the roots into amino acids.
By using this amino acid, Vegetables generat their cells(leaves, etc.) and grow.

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2.Issues of modern fariming fertilizer and agrichemicals

 Fertilizer accumulation in agricultural land soil
Modern agriculture uses fertilizer to increase productivity.
Furthermore, in order to cultivate the same variety of vegetables in a year, fertilizer is used several times a year.
Decades have passed since fertilizer-based agriculture began, and as a result, fertilizer has been excessively accumulated in agricultural land.

 Excessive residual nitrate nitrogen in vegetables
Vegetables absorb more nitrate nitrogen than necessary to protect themselves when nitrate nitrogen is accumulated in the soil.
Vegetables accumulate nitrate nitrogen in themselves, which is not used up during growth.
Vegetables with residual nitrate nitrogen levels that exceed the growth requirements are being increasingly sold on the market. Vegetables including over nitrate nitrogen are sold on the market.

 Influence of the nitrate nitrogen in human body
Nitrate nitrogen is not directly harmful to the human bodies.
However, the vegetables you eat are broken down by microorganisms in the digestive system and converted to nitrite nitrogen.
This nitrite nitrogen reacts with hemoglobin in the blood to produce methemoglobin, which has no oxygen-carrying function.
When a large amount of methemoglobin is produced in the body, it becomes oxygen deficient.

Use of pesticides
Since vegetable cultivation emphasizes quality improvement and good appearance, pesticides are used to control pests and weeds. The use of pesticide has reduced the number of microorganisms that break down organic matter in the soil.

Bad cycle of fertilizer overdose
In recent years, the use of organic matter to agricultural land has been decreasing due to the reduction of agricultural work. Furthermore, the use of pesticides reduces the number of microorganisms in the soil, and cultivation that relies on fertilizers creates a vicious cycle of overdose of fertilizers on agricultural land.


3.grace I for safe vegetable cultivation
About graceⅠ

grace I is a soil improvement material that contains nutrients produced by decomposing photosynthetic bacteria and high-quality organic matter by the action of other microorganisms.

Amino acid production by photosynthetic bacteria

grace I photosynthetic bacteria produce amino acids from hydrogen sulfide and organic acids in the soil.
Vegetables can directly absorb the amino acids to produce plants and grow themselves.

As it explained earlier in this page, vegetables generally absorb nitrate nitrogen from the roots and convert it from nitrate nitrogen to amino acids in the body. But by directly absorbing amino acids, vegetables do not require photosynthesis and nitrate nitrogen does not remain in the vegetables.

Keep the soil healthy

With grace I, you don’t need to give too much nitrogen fertilizer, so no nitrogen fertilizer accumulates in the soil and neither vegetables nor excess nitrogen fertilizer is absorbed.


4.Other good things with graceⅠ
Fast growth

Vegetables grow faster because they absorb amino acids directly and do not need to photosynthesize nitrate nitrogen to convert them into amino acids.

Can grow in some lack of sunshine.

Due to unseasonable weather in recent years, lack of sunshine may continue,
but vegetables can grow with grace I even if there is insufficient sunlight.

Diversity of microorganisms in soil

grace I also contains a variety of microorganisms to break down the organic matter in the raw materials.
This microbial can preserve the microbial diversity of the soil brew.

The Way of using grace I is Details