About Our Farm

Introducing the farm of natural vegetables.

Currently, mainly in the greenhouse, we grow various leafy vegetables and root vegetables for salads that can be easily used.


Hachigamine Farm (greenhouse)

We grow about 7 or 8 kinds of vegetables in a 6m wide house.
In the case of leafy vegetables, we grow them using graceI, so we harvest them for a long time while picking the leaves many times.
Therefore, we always harvest fresh vegetables and deliver them to our customers.
As of April 2021, winter harvest has been finished, and vegetables for spring, summer, and autumn are growing now./span>
We will show you what kind of vegetables we are cultivating.





Swiss chard
The stems come in a variety of colors such as yellow, pink and red.
It is a vegetable that is resistant to heat and will be helpful in the coming summer when there are no leafy vegetables.
Shandong greens
It is a Chinese vegetable that is a member of Chinese cabbage and does not head.
It has no bitter and can be used for both stir-fry and pickles.
It has a sesame-like flavor and a little bit bitter.
It has excellent nutritional value and contains calcium, iron and vitamin C.
Coriander flowers
We don’t often see coriander flowers, but they are white and small.
Coriander has a strong scent, so it doesn’t get much insects.
It can also be cultivated as a companion plant.
We do not use pesticides, so there are various insects.
It’s getting warmer and they starting to work.
Ladybugs are beneficial insects.
Ladybugs eat insects that eat vegetables, as opposed to pests.
Insects also coexist.

Hachigamine Farm (rice paddy)