Our thoughts as farmer

We protect cultivation environment in order to deliver safe and secure vegetables and the global environment.

  • To earth-friendly agriculture
  • Vegetable roots and human intestines are the same
  • Agricultural greenhouse protects vegtables from acid rain
  • graceI reduce remaining amount of nitrate nitrogen
To earth-friendly agriculture

Soil grows all life forms on the earth, and they return the soil. Soil is the key of the flow of all things. Soil produces the most important thing, that is food for us. Agriculture is to grow food from that soil. The soil is exhausted in modern efficient agriculture. Now is the time to go back to the starting point of agriculture, think again soil and how to grow healthy soil and healthy vegetables.

Vegetable roots and human intestines are the same

In recent years, the intestinal flora (intestinal bacterial group) has been attracting attention. Humans maintain to grow and health by absorbing nutrients which intestinal bacteria break down in their intestines.
Plants grow by absorbing organic matter from the roots, the nutrients decomposed by microorganisms in the soil.

The soil has become unhealthy in recent years with pesticides and excess fertilizers. Pesticides reduce microorganisms, and excess fertilizers is too much nutrients for vegetables.
We have eaten vegetables with too much nutrients (excessive nitrate nitrogen) grown in soil with few microorganisms.


Agricultural greenhouse protects vegtables from acid rain

In Japan, there is a lot of rainfall and acid rain tends to make the soil acidic. Vegetables are difficult to grow on acidic soils. In general farms, the soil is adjusted using lime and the like. At our farm, we grow vegetables without relying on agricultural materials as much as possible. By putting not only lime but also other agricultural materials (pesticides, fertilizers, etc.) into the soil, those materials flow to nearby rivers and it leads to environmental pollution.

graceI reduce remaining amount of nitrate nitrogen

graceI helps vegetables grow with amino acids of it We do not use general nitrogen fertilizer. Therefore, the amount of nitrate nitrogen remaining in the body of our vegetables that are less comparing with others sold at supermarkets.We announce the amount of nitrate nitrogen remaining in the vegetables we sell.


Nitrate nitrogen concentration

November 5, 2018

Weather:Sunny      7:00 am 9 degrees
 Red swiss chard      280~320ppm
 Yellow swiss chard  370~410ppm
 White swiss chard   360~420ppm

Cultivation conditions is getting better, but the temperature has been lower than in late October.
Since there were few sunny days, it seems that the nitrate concentration increased due to insufficient photosynthesis.
It seems that the daytime temperature will rise this week, but it is unlikely that we can expect sunlight, so I would like to measure the garland chrysanthemum and others again this week


August 3, 2018

Weather:Sunny   7:00 am 23 degrees
Red swiss chard  190~430ppm
Yellow swiss chard  180~210ppm
White swiss chard  130~160ppm
We apologize for not being able to announce the measurement results for a while.
Due to the weather change from June, our agricultural greenhouse was submerged and could not cultivate, but cultivated swiss chard in advance on the partially and these became the harvest size and was measured.